Sick Muse - Art Projects


Working with community partners, we 
 create spaces for Emerging Artists from 
 equity seeking groups to showcase 
 their work, to access opportunities for 
 professional development and to engage 
 communities meaningfully and actively 
 in hands-on, high quality arts education 
 integrated to issues of Social Justice.

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Sick Muse - Art Projects

Our aim is to establish a space to support artistic production and education in the Arts in order to:

Increase support, access and visibility to emerging artists from equity seeking groups living in Canada as well as international artists.

Foster and build a connection among artists and other community partners to promote art work and art education that engages communities in issues of Social Justice and Community Development.

Collaborate with national and international institutions and artists-run centres and organizations in order to improve access and visibility for emerging artist and to promote the integration of Arts and Social Justice.